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Food for poor child

One of the biggest challenges of being an impoverished child is food. We make consistent efforts to ensure that thousands of children get nutritious food. By assuring them a meal, we help them focus on activities that will build a beautiful and secure future. A smile on a child’s face is all that we want.

Better education

Our plans are focused on providing the best education for poor children. It’s one of the core aims of our dedicated team to provide education to children by using effective methods. Our team arranges for the best faculty to teach the children so that they can become progressive citizens and contribute to national growth.

Better medical care

A majority share of our medical care facilities has been provided to people from smaller towns and cities who are less exposed to advanced medical treatment. Recently, we succeeded in arranging a bone marrow transplant for a 10-year-old girl whose parentscould not afford treatment. A new life waits for her now.

Bill Reimbursement to the
needy families

Our NGO is determined to reimburse the medical bills of poor households who cannot pay large sums for medical treatment. Healthcare often makes it difficult for people to make ends meet. We believe that medical care should be affordable to all and that is why we reimburse healthcare expenses to help run families in tough times.

Better Nutrition and Care

Nutrition is the key factor in growth of children and our NGO has always focused on caring for the children and their diet. Our agenda of helping poor children does not stop at financial help but it goes on to take continuous care of the proper development of the children.

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Save Child Life Foundation is one of the nature's most beautiful creations, So is a child. The butterfly flits from flower to flower for its sustlenance. Our Children move constantly of their livehood.

Our Vision & Mision

SCLF is focused on the upliftment of our nation’s children from poverty and illiteracy. Children are our future and we aim to protect their present. We care for the millions of children in India who face unsurmountable problems due to the weak financial status of their families.

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Our Approach

We have chosen the most effective way to change the ground reality of the needy children of our nation. We have collaborated with many pioneering corporations and educational institutions on a global scale. The networking expertise of our professionals has allowed us to reach those kids who have been hit the hardest by poverty.

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What We Do

We not only provide financial help but also our sincere care to children so that they can attain ideal education and improve their overall health standard. By co-operating with international organizations, we make sure that our aims are met effectively and India children brim with happiness, health, and good education.

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