Don't wait to make new year resolutions !!! Start now end 2018 on a fitter note

Story By Ruchika Sodhi

We, at The Personalised Kitchen, strongly believe in old Dadi’s and Nani’s recipes and have followed the same rules in our healthy diet plans for all. In our nutrition plan, we have created an innovative USP by introducing vegetable stuffed parantha with white homemade butter for breakfast. Our diet plans are friendly and not a burden on our clients. We believe in personalised diet plans which take care of the client’s convenience and cravings. We focus on keeping a check on your eating habits, daily activities, sleeping habits and hours, exercise routine, etc. You can Lose Weight with Healthy Indian Diet Plans without starving. We firmly believe in educating you about the food effects on your health and fitness rather than imposing any diet plans on you. This way you will be the owner of what you want to eat and how you want to exercise. We don’t limit the time but we try to change you for good. We are known as Best nutritionist in Delhi NCR and diet plans for post pregnancy to make you fit.

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